Applying Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Applying Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

On one hand, where mobile app development is being the prime emphasis for businesses, AI or artificial intelligence is equally becoming an ever more demanding and flourishing technology. According to predictions by major research firms, intelligent apps would be one of the top strategic trends in the year to come where apps would claim to be powered by AI.

Mobile app development services are increasingly harnessing the power of artificial intelligence develop to future-oriented mobile apps.

However, there is more to applying AI in mobile than just integrating personal assistants. The technology can be used in learning user behavior via actions, preferences, likes, purchases and more. 

Sentiment analysis is another feature that takes a considerable place in mobile for analytics. It can be used to understand opinions, attitudes, and emotions expressed by customers. The understanding of sentiments of a customer enables providing the most relevant features and contents.

Applying Artificial Intelligence Technology in Mobile App Development

Mobile app development becomes more relevant and useful with AI integration. Listed below are some of the uses to apply artificial intelligence in mobile apps.


Automated Reasoning: There are high-tech art and science behind making computers applies logical reasoning to solve puzzles or prove theorems. For instance, Uber applies AI technology for automated reasoning to select the right route to take the rider to his destinations. The algorithm takes millions of data from driver’s history of traveling on the same route.

Learning Behavior Patterns: Machine learning is another platform with the ability to learn from user behavior patterns and make the next engagement much better. Snaptravel is a bot for hotel booking service that uses natural language processing and machine learning both for a real conversation. It is half-human, half-bot which learns from sessions where a human agent has to intervene if the user stumps the bot with a request.

Recommendation Services: This being the most effective and simple of application of artificial intelligence in mobile app development that can be used in almost every solution. By observing choices that users make AI inserts them into a learning algorithm. The mobile app then makes the recommendations that users will likely be interested in. This is a great revenue source for many mobile apps.


Presently the smartphone launches are promoting AI as a prime feature of their technology. It has been in existence in mobile phones powering voice assistant features such as Google Assistant and Siri. However, in the earlier mobile technologies, AI was mainly cloud-based and required an internet connection to be accessed. The new generation smartphones have combined cloud-based AI to in-built AI engines on the hardware.


Artificial intelligence is an extension of human behavior and helps in making things easier. It is the most revolutionary feature which is used in mobile app development to be an integral help in day-to-day life.


It is all about performance, personalization, and experience!