Businesses have started realizing the importance of SEO

Businesses have started realizing the importance of SEO

Businesses have started realizing the importance of SEO and have begun to learn and apply the fundamental concepts in their digital marketing plan. Still, they go clueless while developing and executing a sound SEO strategy.

MuskOwl Digital Marketing experts share the few simple steps that businesses can take to build a robust SEO base.


SEO keywords are the words and phrases strategically inserted in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. Thus, keywords are at the heart of SEO that connects your business to the target audience. Therefore, picking the right can make or break the entire SEO strategy. Make a list of around 10 keywords related to the product or services. Insert them into Google's Keyword Tool, and select the variations that go well with your business.

Narrow down the list to around 10-15 keywords using search volume and competition as your parameter.

This keyword list should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure your keyword list is evolving with industry and search trends.

Keyword-focused webpages

Different web pages should be tailored to a specific set of keywords for websites and ranking in search engines. It would not be as effective to get one page to rank for a handful of keywords.

In fact, the keyword list can be used to determine the number of web pages that should be created for a website. Eventually, the number of web pages should correspond to the different products, offerings, and locations of the business. Each web page needs to include relevant content for your prospects and customers and should include pictures and links to pages on your site to enhance the user experience.

Blog page

Blogging is an excellent way to rank high in search engine with maximum keywords and engage with prospects. Eventually, every blog post creates a new webpage thereby giving another chance to rank in search engines. Writing about the stuff that your audience or prospects are interested in, and including relevant keywords in the blog post, gives you higher chances to get found by your audience, organically.

Link-building plan

Link-building is the primarily an off-page SEO activity and it also plays a big role in how search engines rank your web pages. There are various ways to generate inbound links.

Stay updated

The search engine is a dynamic and ever-evolving space in digital marketing. It is very important to stay abreast of the current trends and best practices. There are many online resources available that make it easy to stay on ahead with the latest SEO news and update that impact website ranking and the overall SEO strategy.

Measure and keep a track

SEO is an effortful and time-consuming work. But unless you see the fruit, there is no good is spending all this time and effort on it? So, it is important to track metrics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep your SEO plan on track and measure your success. Creating a monthly dashboard using Excel or a web analytics to monitor the traffic from organic search can give you a lot of insights into the efforts you put in.

Moreover, tracking keywords, leads, inbound links, ROI, indexed pages along with your actual SERPs ranking (search engine results pages) can help you diagnose your inputs and also identify areas of opportunity.

There are a lot of other valuable SEO tools, but the ones listed above are the most fundamental ones to start with.